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 "So thankful for finding Dr.Dean and Natural Palmer Health. I came to Dr. Dean with horrible daily migraines while taking onset as well as preventative medication for them. I am a breast cancer survivor and was tired of not feeling well. I needed to do something and was tired of being prescribed more medication instead of finding out what was causing all my issues. After a month, my migraines are night and day difference. Working on getting my health back. Beyond grateful to all at Natural Palmer Health and their help! I am so thankful! - M.M.

Learn How We Have Helped Over 20,000 People Reverse Their Chronic Health Issues

Dr. Dean Co-Owns With His Wife One Of The Largest Natural Health Care Practices In The World. Together They Help People Reverse Their Chronic Health Issues All Over The World 

If you recognize Dr. Dean you have probably seen him on his daily podcast BraveTV talking Health, Freedom and Knowledge as well as appearing on Top 5 podcasts around the world. 

Or maybe you have seen him interviewing celebrities like, Ted Nugent, Shemane Nugent and others as well as Patriots fighting for Modern Day Independence such as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Sen. Wendy Rogers, Roger Stone and more.

Dr. Dean recently stated on BraveTV, “Almost daily the question I get asked is, what can I do to prepare for anything that is coming in the future. My first reply always, even before money and supplies, is that you must get your body health. Without health you have nothing.”   

Dr. Dean has a track record for predicting what you will see in Health Care in this current toxic world:

Dr. Dean has been preaching health and the current Sick Care System for a decade plus, not only on podcast, but also in his physical, brick and mortar practice.

Patients drive and fly from all over the world to see Dr. Dean, his wife, Dr. Palmer and their Associates because we fix patient's health problems.

Their sole Mission is to not only fix Health Care, but to also Bankrupt Big Pharma and restore Health Freedom to America.


  • We Teach You How To Eat, Take Supplements & Lead a New Lifestyle
  • ​​Show You How to Plan to Be Healthy and Remove Barriers
  • ​​Teaching Correct Mindset and Partnerships to Facilitate Healing
  • ​Providing You Precision, Energetic & Healing Nutritional Services


  • Care About Being Healthy and Engaged
  • ​​Show Up, Have An Open Mind, And Let Me Give You The Blueprint
  • ​​You Have To Be Accepted Into This Program. 
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